Managed IT

For a flat monthly fee TechSource becomes your IT department.

TechSource monitors the health of client systems to detect and react to issues automatically.  Our helpdesk is staffed with experienced local professionals to provide technical support and we provide quality antivirus software, weekly software security updates, perform general maintenance, and more.

INCLUDED: Help Desk Technical Support

Tech support from local qualified professionals for your daily operations.

INCLUDED: System Health Monitoring

TechSource monitoring detects critical issues and automatically notifies our technicians.

INCLUDED: Business Grade Antivirus

TechSource Antivirus software is centrally managed and maintained.

INCLUDED: Software Updates

TechSource automatically applies software security updates to client systems.

INCLUDED: Maintenance

TechSource provides routine software management and maintenance.

Plans can be fully customized with our additional services.

Who needs professional IT services?

Any business that depends on computers for their daily operations needs a qualified professional to ensure safe, secure operations.  Besides maintaining and supporting your systems we can help you take advantage of modern technology, reduce down time, increase efficiency, and work smarter.